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Property Inventory

The Importance of Property Inventory
An Inventory for a Property is basically a legal binding document that provides an accurate and detailed record of the contents of the property along with their condition. Since the introduction of a legal requirement which includes bonding the tenants deposit in an approved scheme it has never been more important to have a property inventory  prepared by an expert in inventory services to avoid inconvenience. The following text should give you a fair idea of its importance.
The Correlation between an Inventory for Property and a Deposit: –
All tenants are legally required to make a deposit in an approved scheme. This arrangement is made between the property owner and tenant to allow for justified deductions (if required) to compensate for irregularities including covering property damages beyond reasonable wear and tear.
The Accuracy of a Property Inventory :-
Any such inventory is only effective if accurate, that is why it is important that all defects in property such as soiling must be noted before the property is handed over to the tenants. It is a common misconception that all such details may give a negative impact regarding the condition of the property. However, these details may later clarify whether the tenant is liable for cleaning costs and/or repairs.

Starting a new tenancy can be a difficult process, and without proper guidance for your property inventory  it may become a legal disaster. For more information, you are more than welcome to contact ZACHARIAS JAY INVENTORY SERVICES by phone on 0203 3940064 or email