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Inventory Checklist for Rental Property

What to include in the Inventory Checklist for Rental Property
An inventory for a rental property is a legal document that is signed and agreed upon by the landlord and the tenant that clarifies the contents of the property and their condition. It is based on this document that a landlord may proceed towards deducting monies from deposits made by the tenant as per an approved scheme. However, if an Inventory Checklist for Rental Property is not properly drafted out, it may result in disagreements between the tenant and the landlord that inevitably lead to lengthy legal proceedings. In the following text, we will highlight some important aspects that should be mentioned in the inventory checklist.
The Exterior of the Property:
Are there any leaking pipes or gutters? Are the walls or window frames cracked? Is there any outside area or garden that may require maintenance?
Checking the Fittings: –
Do taps work for both hot and cold water? Is the pressure adequate? Do all the switches work? You may also want to consider if there are enough electrical sockets.
Mold or Pests: –
It is essential that the Inventory Checklist for Rental Property includes information regarding the last time the property was treated for pests. It should also mention places where there are signs of mold particularly in damp areas like the kitchen or bathroom.
Safety and Security Concerns: –
You need to make sure if all doors and windows open and close with ease. Furthermore, do these doors and windows have properly functioning locks. Finally, what is the status of adequate escape routes in case of a fire. Are there a sufficient amount of smoke and CO2 detectors

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